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Description of OUT RUN

Out Run is an arcade game (racing) released in 1988 by U.S. Gold. The game was originally developed for arcade systems and later moved to a range of computers ranging from ZX Spectrum, C64 to Amiga, Atari ST and PC. The game was also made for SEGA consoles. You see that playing in your time was very popular.

The game is a typical example of arcade games - straight from slot machines. Here are no additional elements, your only task is to drive your Ferrari car as far as you can. There are no additional options - you start the game and you go. A cool addition to the game is the spectacular goats if we go into any obstacle.

Out Run, taking into account the fact that the game was created, graphically reproduces the correct level. This is a game you should know. She set the trend for racing games for many years.

Install notes:
Warning. The game for Amiga, by default, has a mouse control! You can change this by pressing the J key or from the Menu.

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