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Publisher: Renegade Software

Developer: the Bitmap Brothers

Year: 1991

Genre: platform arcade




Magic Pockets is a platform-arcade game, released in 1991 by Renegade Software. The game was originally developed for the Amiga computers, and in 1992 the PC was released.
In the game we control a little boy who has unused pockets. Magic pockets, because without bottoms. With the items removed from your pocket you defend yourself against the different types of storksami. Magic Pockets are divided into four stages. You start your journey in caves, it is a fairly easy stage (in terms of difficulty), but with progress - the level of difficulty is much higher. As we mentioned, the game has four levels (worlds), you start with caves, then you have to defeat jungles, lakes and mountains. Depending on the world - your hero draws a different kind of weapon from his pocket.
The game has very nice graphics, but the sound unfortunately does not match the graphics. Generally a cool platform-arcade game that you can play and will surely deliver hours of unforgettable entertainment.

Install notes:
The game for Amiga does not require the original rom. However, you need to set at least 1 Mb of RAM.


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