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Description of LION KING

Lion King is a platform game released in 1994 by Virgin Interactive. You can play games on Amiga, PC and Sega.
You are playing Simba in lion. Your mission is to defeat Uncle Skaza. Lion King is a typical platform game in which you control Simba jumping platforms and other obstacles in your way. The only exceptions are the bonus stages and the "The Stampede" level. In the bonus stages, you control Timon and Puma, at the "The Stampede" level. Simba runs away from the antelopes to the camera. The game interface is simplified to a minimum. In the upper left corner of the screen is an experience bar (rope). Once you have filled the bar, you will activate the additional skill of Simba. In the upper right - the "life" bar is displayed. Below the game screen is the amount of "live".
Graphically and audibly, as with all Disney licenses, the game is on a high level. Simba controls are simple, so even children can play and have fun.

Install notes:
Version for Amiga: WinUae set for A1200 computers. Processor 68020, 2Mb Chip RAM, Kickstart 3.0, 4 Floppy Drives.

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Marble 2021-05-21
is this a rom file or the actual setup?