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Description of JAMES POND 3

James Pond 3. Operation Starfish is a platform-arcade game released by Millenium in 1994. The game was developed for the Amiga and SEGA console.
Dr. Maybe, after the defeat at Robocod (James Pond 2), remained at the North Pole and, during this time, conceived the new plan of world domination. The idea was great - take control of the moon, which, of course, is made of cheese. Maybe, he hired a bunch of rats that brought him to the ground. Thanks to that, he took control of the cheese market. People in despair, they had to call their best agent, James Pond, to reestablish the order in the universe.
What distinguishes Operation Starfish from Robocod? First of all, the ability to play two characters, Pond and Finnus frog. Each hero can use items found along the way, such as dynamite, parasol, cheese or grenade. Objects have different occlusion, for example, the umbrella slows down the Pond by jumping, so it can jump further.
James Pond 3 is a very colorful game and dynamic. It offers over 100 levels to pass, which will definitely take you a long time. Do you like platform games? You can not skip this title.

Install notes:
The game requires settings like Amiga 1200, 68020 processor, 2Mb RAM chip, Kickstart 3.0. Set up three floppy disks, you will have more fun with the game.

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