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Description of INCA II

Inca II: Nations of Immortality (other titles: Inca II: Wiracocha) is an adventure game released in 1994 by Sierra On-Line. The game was released for PC (DOS).
Inca II: Nations of Immortality is a continuation of the Inca game, the story of which focused on the war between the Inca and the Spaniards, taking place in space 500 years after the death of the last member of the Inca tribe. The game, like its predecessor, combines the features of a space simulator and an adventure game. Various missions await us in different levels: sometimes it is enough to shoot the enemy, other times we have to go through the maze to go to the next level.
Completing the game will certainly make it easier for us to autosave, so we can return to the game from every level. The plot begins immediately after the events of the first part. El Dorado becomes the Inca chief and father of Atahualpa. We start the game in Macchu Picchu, where we lead Atahualpa. Our first task is to destroy stone blocks. Then we meet the pilot Kilt Carrier, who explains that the Spaniard Lord Aguirre controls an asteroid that disrupts communication among the Inca. Our task is to steal a spaceship and fight the Spaniards.

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