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Publisher: Core Design

Developer: the 8th Day

Year: 1991

Genre: arcade adventure rpg




Heimdall, adventure game with arcade elements and RPG, released by Core Design in 1991. The game was developed for Amiga, Stari ST, PC and SEGA.
Valhalla is a mythical land where the gods live. There are also magic items like Odin's sword, Thor's hammer, and Freya's. One day, as in such stories, the items disappeared. The God of Evil has taken the theft - Loki and put it (sword, hammer and spear) on the ground. On earth, the gods lose their divine qualities. Only miracles can be recovered by the gods.
In the game you play the title character, Viking Heimdall, living in the mythical Valhalla. Your task is to recover stolen items. Heimdall is a game (as we previously wrote) with RPG elements. In your expedition you will have at your disposal a team of 6 warriors, druids, wizards, etc. Everyone has other qualities and tribulations.
The world in the game is presented in isometric projection, graphics leave little to be desired. Entering the world of Heimdall, you will not get out of it quickly. We recommend to all adventure lovers.


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