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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Io-Interactive AS

Year: 2003

Genre: action tpp




Freedom Fighters is an action game released in 2003 by Electronic Arts. The game was released for PC (Windows) and GameCube, PlayStation, XBox consoles.
Freedom Fighters is a tactical shooter that presents an alternative course of the Cold War. The conflict and general ideological, political and military rivalry between the US and the Eastern Bloc, i.e. the USSR and its subordinate states. We know from history that this conflict ends with the collapse of the USSR and recognition of capitalism in the Western countries as the dominant system. Freedom Fighters puts it differently: Russians, having won the arms race, are brazenly attacking New York, which completely surprises the Americans who are unprepared for this type of event, which results in the Russians taking over major power centers in the country.
The main character is an ordinary worker, Christopher Stone, whose current situation forces him to fight for his own life, as well as other innocent people. In an interesting way the way of transformation of our hero was presented - who from an ordinary worker is slowly becoming - with each subsequent mission - an increasingly professional bully and commander, because we can recruit volunteers and command a large squad in our fight for freedom


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