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Description of FLATOUT

FlatOut is a racing game released in 2004 by Empire Interactive Europe. The game was released for PC (Windows / Linux), PlayStation and XBox.

FlatOut is crazy rallies on American muscle cars. The gameplay is based on the use of non-standard physics, thanks to which players have the opportunity to perform spectacular collisions with opponents in order to gain an advantage on the track. This is necessary for faster loading of the nitra strap. The collision system in a real way affects the behavior of our driver and can cause, for example, that it falls out through the windshield. Another feature of the game is the creators' attention to detail - the impact of the impact on cars. After the collision, dents and scattered elements of our vehicle may appear. As you progress in the game, you'll be able to race better cars. As part of the game in additional modes, we have the opportunity to face in throwing the driver through the glass and take the fight in the arena with other cars, where, like in the Roman Colosseum, there can be only one winner.

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