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Publisher: Maxis Software

Developer: AnimaTek International, Inc.

Year: 1993

Genre: simulator




El-Fish is a simulator of fish farming and their aquarium. The game allows users to immerse themselves in the underwater world and the fish empire. The main task is to catch fish and create unique farms consisting of selectively selected fish mutations. Each of the fish in the simulator has a unique spawn that allows you to create your own species of fish and then place them in virtual aquariums that the player has access to all the time. The creators of the game provided over 800 different species that differ in fins, colors, shapes and sizes, and it is from them that you can create an almost infinite number of unique species of fish. The player can choose from many scenery the appearance of his aquarium depending on his preferences. Numerous ornaments that can be placed in the aquarium will decorate it and make the whole thing individual and unique. You can even import your own images! The game has moving elements such as a cat's paw, a crab and a plastic little diver, the presence of which the fish react to.


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