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Publisher: SCi Games

Developer: Pivotal Games Ltd.

Year: 2004

Genre: action shooter




The next installment of the popular series of tactical action games, in which the user takes command of a four-person unit composed of experts in various fields. This time, the developers decided to move away from the Desert Storm operation, known from previous installments, and instead moved the plot to the time of the Vietnam War.
The story begins in 1968, on the eve of the Tet offensive, and presents the fate of members of the 101st Airborne Division: Commander Ragman, Medic Cherry, heavy weapons specialist Hoss and a sniper and sapper in one - Junior. The four heroes are accidentally separated from the other companions and from that moment on they rely only on themselves. Soldiers will have to use all their skills to break through the Vietcong forces.
Conflict: Vietnam is a production in which not only an accurate eye plays an important role, but also the ability to issue appropriate orders. Good traps or companions can turn the scales in your favor. The advantage of the title is the variety of missions (14 levels) and locations visited, as well as weapons from that period (M79 grenade launcher, M16A2 rifles, etc.) and vehicles (e.g. US M48 Patton tank).


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