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Publisher: Image Works

Developer: Image Works

Year: 1988

Genre: logical puzzle




Bombuzal, a puzzle game released in 1988 by Image Works. Original game was released for C64, Amiga and Atari ST computers, released a year later for PC.
In the game we play the title Bombuzal, whose task is to clear the level of bombs placed on it. In this game you will find three types of bombs - each one explodes with different powers. The larger ones, they react with a few fields and they can detonate other bombs. Bombs are not always placed in appropriate places. In order to complete the level of success, you sometimes need to move the bomb to another location and then detonate it. In order to diversify the gameplay, in later levels, the authors introduced two characters (enemies): Sinister and Dexter.
Bombuzal is a game where you will not be bored. There are 130 levels to overcome, some of them very demanding. In the game we can set the view (2D or 3D), the number of players and the ability to continue playing in the place where we finished.


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