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Amiga, Atari ST, PC

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Description of BLOCKOUT

Blockout, a puzzle game released in 1989 by the California Dreams studio. The game was released for C64 and Amiga home computers and for personal PC and Macintosh.

Blockout is nothing but Tetris in 3D. View from the top of the game. The rules of the game remain the same as in the original, but here we have more options for building blocks. Now falling blocks can be rotated in three dimensions (by default when using QWE or ASD). Blockout offers three predefined game modes, Flat Fun, 3-D Mania and Out of Control, which we can modify ourselves (eg, changing the set of blocks, speed of rotation, depth of the well etc.). The set of blocks is more elaborate compared to older brother. Here we have to show a spatial imagination in order to properly fold a given block
The authors of the game have shown that the well-known Tetris (and would appear to be unchangeable) can do something completely new and addictive. Blockout definitely deserves place in the history of electronic entertainment.

Install notes: We recommend the game for the Amiga.

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