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Description of ZERO ZONE

Zero Zone is an adventure game whose plot is based on unraveling the truth about the death of his father, Stan Gonzo, from whom his son received an unexpectedly great inheritance in the form of a fortune and a job in a corporation. By running a successful Kanary company, the protagonist discovers new facts about his father, whom he did not meet during his lifetime. The game begins with a conversation with a policeman at Stan's work, because, as it turns out, his father did not die of natural causes. The first step will be a company inspection and an interview with the family. The gameplay is via a semi-3D interface. Movement is done by clicking the appropriate sections of the virtual world panorama. During this journey we will come across many NPCs, puzzles and quests. The way of gameplay prompts the player to interact with other people who will be happy to provide us with further tips. The whole thing is based on the futuristic atmosphere of the late 21st century, and the plot has been divided into small pieces of the puzzle that the player has to connect.

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