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Publisher: Titus Interactive

Developer: Titus Interactive

Year: 1991

Genre: logical




The Brainies, a puzzle game released in 1991 by Titus Interactive. The game originated on the SNES consoles, then transferred to Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh and Amstrad CPC.
In the game you help jump beetles back home. Your task is to place the beans in the appropriate "outlets" in the color of the bean. To do this you have to work with other beans. Sometimes you will be able to acquire additional items such as extra time or additional "life". In the game your rival is - time. To solve the level you have a set time, before you have to complete all the "Brainies", put in the corresponding outputs.
The game has 101 levels. The difficulty is not too demanding - the fun, the fun ahead to solve the next level guaranteed.The Branies graphically presents the average level, but in logic games it does not bother. More important than graphics is playability - and here we have it guaranteed. A game for people who like to "move" their head.

Install notes:
The game for Amiga requires min. 512kB RAM Chip. You can start the game using the rom supplied with the emulator (AROS).


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