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Description of ZOOL

Zool is a typical platformer for the times when it was created (1992). The Gremlin Interactive studio, known for such hits as the Lotus turbo Challenge series, co-produced the Lollipop lollipop.

In the game we control an ant ninja, like no other sweets for candy. Zools go through colorful worlds filled with candy, because the partner (sponsor) of the game is a form of lollipops. The game is done very carefully and aesthetically. Even today, the game is really spectacular. Especially for Amiga computers is very spectacular. The sound - basically the music that accompanies your struggles (Rock song), really fits the battle;) We recommend this game to anyone who likes fast arcade games, who likes to jump on the platforms with good music accompaniment.

Install notes:
Notes. Version for Amiga requires original ROM eg. Kickstart 1.3.

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