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Description of SMASH T.V.

A satirical gore production that takes players to 1999, when a new form of entertainment gained popularity - the TV show Smash T.V. According to the program assumptions, two participants are transferred to a closed location, where they face hordes of opponents to the delight of viewers. The winner is the one who lasts the longest and wins more exclusive prizes.

Smash T.V. is an arcade production with a bird's eye view. The gameplay is based on a simple premise that requires the player to defeat all enemies. At the end of each level, after all waves of enemies have been dealt with, a stronger boss appears that takes up most of the screen. The title is characterized by simple controls based on two analog sticks (the so-called twin-stick shooter). The left one is responsible for controlling the hero, the other one for aiming. During the fight, numerous power-ups appear, collecting them unlocks new, more effective weapons.

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