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Description of PARIAH

Pariah, released in 2005 by Groove Games, is a first-person shooter, the so-called first-person shooter. The protagonist of the game is Dr. Jack Mason, whose task was to transport prisoners by sea, and in particular to protect one of them, i.e. Karina, the carrier of a mysterious disease. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned, the ship is shot down. As a result, Jack ends up on a previously unknown land. In the new area, he has to find Karina, while defending himself against enemies, among whom there are also other prisoners from the ship.

The gameplay of Pariah is based on 15 different missions. To defeat them, the player has at his disposal a wide selection of weapons, equipped with with a plasma rifle, sniper rifles or submachine guns. By using a modified engine in Pariah, the graphics of the game stand at a higher level, and the accurately reproduced world of the hero is just waiting for the brave player to help Dr. Mason set out on his journey into the unknown.

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