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Publisher: Ocean Software

Developer: Ocean Software Ltd.

Year: 1989

Genre: arcade





Rambo III is an arcade game released in 1989 by Ocean Software. The game was released for Amiga,Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64, PC (DOS), MSX and ZX Spectrum.
Rambo III is a game on the basis of a blockbuster film of the same title. The action takes place somewhere in Afghanistan. Play as the title John Rambo. Your task is to free the colonel Trautman from the Soviets. You are only on your own - armed with a knife, you have to face countless enemy soldiers. For your happiness, along the way you will find a few arrows to the bow, a first aid kit or other useful items.
The game view is presented from a bird's eye view. The game is divided into two stages - the coloration of the enemy's buildings and tearing outside of this building. Graphically, both locations are very similar to each other.
Rambo III is a game that you will definitely play with fondness. The difficulty level is quite low and the whole game can be played in tens of minutes. After all, it's fun to become a cult figure like Rambo III.


Amiga     Atari ST     PC    

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