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Description of BUGDOM

Bugdom - a cheerful platformer straight from fairy tales for children, so it was created for them. In the game, we control the title worm, and the area of ​​our activities is our natural environment, i.e. the lowest plant parts. In this thicket we can find various types of insects similar to us, and our main opponent are the ubiquitous red ants. Nevertheless, we also have to watch out for other enemies, e.g. snails. While the ants try to prevent our actions by throwing spears at us, our task is to smash the nuts with plants and fruit in them, and to save, for example, ladybugs from spider webs. It is also necessary to find the keys that allow us to open the door to the next stages of a given level. Fortunately, our hero is helped by the ability to roll, which speeds up movement a bit. At the end of each level, we can see our score and the points scored - including the bonus ones. The game is kept in a fairy-tale atmosphere, thanks to which it is an interesting entertainment for the youngest and their parents.

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Casey Phillips 2024-01-31
I love this game play it in high school and middle school