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Developer: Parallax Software
Year: 1996
Genre: fps


Descent II is a FPS game released in 1996 by Interplay (PC) or Mac Play (Macintosh). The game was released for PC (DOS / Windows), Macintosh, Acorn, Amiga OS4 and PlayStation.
In the game, you play the Pyro GX2 remote control. The game offers two game modes: Single Player and Multiplayer. In a single player game, you have to complete 24 levels in which the goal is to destroy the reactors or defeat the bosses. After destroying the reactor or defeating the barefoot, in a limited time you have to leave the level, otherwise you will lose "life" and all the gained pounces. Multiplayer is a mode in which you can compete from 2 to 8 players in several modes, eg Anarchy, where you have to eliminate as many rivals as possible and get a flag.


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