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Publisher: Magic Bytes

Developer: Off The Wall Productions

Year: 1990

Genre: economics




Big Business is an economic game released in 1990 by Magic Bytes. The game was released for Amiga, Atari ST and PC (DOS).
Big Business belongs to the genre of socio-strategic games with an economic theme. The game places special emphasis on the enterprise-related aspect, focusing mainly on industrial production. The player takes on the role of a novice businessman who must properly take care of the city's development, producing raw materials and producing new goods necessary for its functioning. He creates residential buildings, public buildings and all decorative elements. In addition, as an entrepreneur, the player is obliged to care for ecology and ensure proper satisfaction and safety of the city's residents. An additional feature of the strictly social game is the ability to host friends who help the player perform tasks. You can also visit friends and help in their vicissitudes.
Big Business has been well received by players and has received good ratings from computer game critics. Humorous graphics and interesting gameplay provide great entertainment for every virtual entrepreneur!


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