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Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: Psygnosis

Year: 1991

Genre: strategy simulator




Armor Geddon, a game that combines the elements of a strategy game with a simulation released in 1991 by Psygnosis. The game was released for Amiga, Atari ST and PC.
The game takes place in an unspecified time. Into we learn that Earth is threatened by a group of people with a powerful laser that can destroy all life of the planet. The player's goal is to stop the terrorists by destroying the laser and to save the Earth from a cataclysm.
Armor Geddon, is a dozen or so missions, the ultimate goal of which is to eliminate the threat. Several types of vehicles were assigned to the task - tanks, fighter, helicopter or bomber - and a dozen or so weapons. In the game we can control up to six vehicles at a time. To successfully complete the mission you have to choose the right equipment and armor.
Armor Geddon is a very successful product. We will find strategic elements - appropriately selected mission equipment and coordination - as well as simulation - each vehicle can be controlled. The game is worthy of attention and command.

Install notes: Keyboard controls:
S - start of engine, +/- - increase / decrease speed, HELP / DEL - reinforcement / attenuation,
Q, A, Z - Arm selection, T - Select another target, TAB / CTRL - Raise / lower action,
SPACE - change mouse control / joystick, F1..F6 - hangar (vehicle selection),
Numeric keypad:
. - external view, 0 - satellite view, 1..4, 6..9 - different views, 5 - cockpit view / top view

This is not a complete list - but to play - the knowledge of these keys is enough to successfully complete the game.


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