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Publisher: Coktel Vision

Developer: Coktel Vision

Year: 1991

Genre: action simulator




A.G.E (Advanced Galactic Empire) is an action game released in 1991 by Coktel Vision. The game was released for Amiga, Atari ST and PC (DOS).
A.G.E. is a first-person spaceship simulator and a continuation of Galactic Empire. The production can be classified as a space opera, its main storyline focuses on the classic conquest of the universe. Although the player can count on a lot of freedom, the story itself is linear. Subsequent challenges are unlocked along with key story events.
The game allows you to sit at the controls of a modern ship and make an interstellar journey on board. The machine is divided into segments corresponding to, inter alia, for the functioning of laser weapons, life support or anti-gravity field. The user as a pilot has the opportunity to visit a number of planets and get to know their inhabitants. Exploration is an important element of A.G.E., especially as players can count on a large, open area to explore. However, the game focuses on the clashes, in which the destructive possibilities of the ship are revealed.
The production resembles other games in the atmosphere of an opera walk, including Cybercon III or the Elite series.


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