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Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

Developer: Philos Laboratories

Year: 2000

Genre: strategy rts




Theocracy (other titles: Aztec: Empire of Blood) is a strategy game (RTS) released in 2000 by Ubi Soft Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Linux / Windows).
The action of the game takes place during the greatest bloom of the Aztec empire. Your task is to unite the tribes living in Central America before the Spanish invasion. As in similar games of this type, you will have to organize the life of local tribes, for example, slaves will be responsible for extracting resources, priests must take care of the harvest, sacrificing people in sacrifice, etc.

Install notes: Before running setup.exe, set the compatibility mode with Windows 98. After installing the theocracy.exe file also set in the Windows 98 compatibility mode.


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