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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.

Year: 1994

Genre: strategy




Theme Park, a strategic game released in 1994 by Electronic Arts. The game was developed for the Amiga, PC and SEGA console.
Sunday morning, good weather for a family getaway. TV ads encourage visitors to a new amusement park, promising great entertainment all day long. There are plenty of interesting carousels, blowers or a huge rollercoster. Now you know where you want to spend Sunday - in the theme park! You go to the bus and go to the designated place. Are you sure you see all the advertised entertainment?
It is you - as a manager and strategist - that you have to manage the amusement park so that all those who are hungry for entertainment will have fun. You start the game by buying land under your new amusement park. At the beginning you have a small amount of entertainment and dining facilities at your disposal. You do not have to worry about it now - with time you will have more money to buy better and better equipment. Remember - buy new equipment so people will be happy to come to your park.
Theme Park is a game in which you play for weeks. Entertainment at the highest level. Graphically refined game - color garble - matched to the theme of the game. We recommend anyone who likes strategy games - not necessarily war.

Install notes:
The Amiga version does not require the original rom. Game for AGA chipsets. Set a minimum of 2 Mb RAM.


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