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Publisher: Krisalis Software

Developer: Krisalis Software

Year: 1993

Genre: arcade




Soccer Kid, a arcade game released in 1993 by Krisalis Software. The game was created for Amiga and PC.
It's the year 1994. World Cup football championship behind the belt. And here the catastrophe! The cup trophy of the world disappeared. It turns out that the trophy has stolen a trophy collector from another planet. However, escaping from the Earth, he fell into a swarm of asteroids and unfortunately - the cup landed on the Earth but not in full, but broken into five pieces! Each piece of the world cup was in another city - and even the continent. Your task as a Soccer Kid is to retrieve a set of five pieces of the cup to save the upcoming World Cup. Your weapon is an unusual talent for dribbling. During your trip you will encounter many enemies and the only way to get rid of them is by football. Of course, you may break your ball - well - the best is also happening. You do not have to worry - just press the joystick button (or the PC spacebar) and the new ball will appear. Note, however, that you have a certain limit for each stage. The game is not as simple as it might seem. An additional difficulty (nuisance) is that you can save the game every 2 levels.
The game is graphically presented very well, the music and effects also do not depart from the whole. Soccer Kid is a typical arcade game in very good release. Definitely worth playing.


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