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Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: Art and Magic

Year: 1992

Genre: arcade




Agony, an arcade game published by Psygnosis in 1992. The game was created only for Amiga computers.
This is a typical arcade game of the type srcoll-side (screen shifted horizontally). In the game you control the owl - your task is to destroy all opponents. The game is not an exploration - you can compare it to the old good Zybex from Little Atari - flying an owl, you gain more weapons, then at the end of the fight you fight with Bos.
We put the game here because of the great graphics and sound. By playing the game you can completely immerse yourself in it. The animation of the owl is impressive, so we do not pay any attention to the small shortcomings - your enemies are unfortunately not so well-rounded. Despite such small shortcomings, it is worth playing, especially since the level of difficulty is well matched. We will definitely spend several hours playing the game.

Install notes:
The Amiga version does not require the original rom. You can start the game using Aros included with the latest WinUAE emulator. Set a minimum of 1Mb of Chip RAM.


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