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Scarface: The World is Yours is an arcade game (TPP) released in 2006 by Sierra Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation, Wii and XBox.

A game based on the events of the film The Man with a Scar from 1983. Here, you play as Tony Montana just before the attack of the gang on his property. (If you watched a movie, you know how it ended - here you can write a continuation of Tony's story). After escaping from the property, you stay with nothing - you have to build your empire again by accumulating money and respect in a gangster environment.

Install notes: After launching the game, the image will be all in the artifacts, extract the files from the archive to the directory in which you installed the game. Then start the game by clicking on scarface.bat .

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jack 2021-12-22
@AndrewC just cut that crack means copy the crack file and and replace it geez did you never crack a game before how old r u 18?

joseline 2021-08-08
Do I need the actual disk to go with this?

dfdfdf 2021-06-08
there are YouTube tutoritals with links that have working links for this game

AndrewC 2021-05-12
Can anyone explain how to actually install this? Closes we have to an explanation is someone saying to "cut the crack"....What??

bruh moment 2021-01-18
the game is nice but I have crashes out of no where make sure to save regularly

Rich 2021-01-17
How can i install the game

Justin 2021-01-12
Could someone please tell me how to load a save file please?

Eddychilllzz 2020-12-10
Can you play it on macbook pro

Tre 2020-11-21
Everytime i try to play the game, it shows a window saying wrong disc Inserted, please insert the original scarface release CD/DVD how do you by pass this inconvenience problem

Mony Tontana 2020-11-15
works like a charm, thanks!

Sergeant Swole 2020-11-10
how do i load my saved game? when starting the game, there are no save files and i have to start fresh each time.

Toni 2020-10-16
Anyone know how to change the key binds?

Sonny 2020-08-16
There a way to install the 1.00.2 patch in Australia for this? not working for me and I have SilentPatch already installed, im fine with having to reset my res back to 1920 x 1080p as it doenst irk me that much

OoO 2020-08-10
Client keeps crashing on me during the Gomez mission. D:

Anon 2020-07-23
You all NEED to use this patch. It will make the game actually playable and the installation is super easy.

Lone Wulf 2020-05-18
Is this the North American version of this game?

RICKY 2020-05-10
the games works well but u need to replace scarface file with the crack and also use 3d ripper dx if u have graphics problems. for me it solved the problem. 3d ripper password is ripper for the one i got.

Beefegg 2020-04-27
Open the zip file, and extract contents

Open the iso

Dump the contents in a folder

Run the setup.exe, into desired folder.

Once done, cut the crack (Scarface.exe) and paste and replace over the other Scarface.exe

Run the new Scarface.exe and it should launch.

Scarface generic fix zip folder can adjust some graphics problems, try the game out first

John 2020-04-18
Help, im getting a "Wrong Disc" message how to fix it ?

Clyde3D 2020-04-17
Go to MODDB for a new high end GFX multi-core patch for this!

Helpful Dude 2020-01-23
To install the game add a ".rar" after the name of the file so it should be like this "5e2919c76216b-scarfacetheworldisyours.rar", inside that file you have the .ISO and the file, cheers

fish 2020-01-15
How do I get it to work?

iLLp 2020-01-10
would be nice to know how to install, which tools are needed, i am unable to open the downloaded file... thx...

Mcqueen 2020-01-08
It works really well! Thank you for this! A few years ago I also tried to get this thing up and running but it never worked. You guys did it! :D

robertwilliams 2019-11-06
i really love this game i really want to play it.

FranKos 2019-10-29
Thanks for sharing.
I dowloaded the file but it has no extension.
Is it a CD image .iso ? an archive .zip ? . rar ?

Sam 2019-09-23
Great game like GTA for Scarface fans

naquan washington 2019-07-13
i want to play this game i have not played on pc