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Description of SANITARIUM

Sanitarium is an adventure game released in 1998 by American Softworks Corporation. The game was released for PC (Windows).

An adventure game in the convention of a surreal horror based on the most popular horror novels. Its main character is Max, who is in a car accident. As a result, he experiences amnesia and is taken to a psychiatric hospital, which is only seemingly an ordinary institution. He has to go through the locations in order to learn his identity and find out who he really is. But this is just one of the game's many threads.

The game is divided into several chapters. Each of them introduces the player to a different atmosphere and a different style of play from the previous one. To go to the next chapter, the hero has to solve a number of puzzles. The player has the option to play the role of the cyclops Grimwall, the Aztec god Olmec or go through the chapters as a little girl Sarah. Each of these characters functions in a different environment. The game introduces you to an absurd and crazy reality that is hard to break away from. It is full of references and symbols that make it even more amazing.

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