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Description of RAMPART

Rampart is a strategy game released in 1990 by Domark (Amiga) / Electronic Arts (PC). The prototype of the game was created for Arcade machines. Game conversions were created for most of the then computer systems (including for Amiga and PC) and consoles (including Genesis, SNES).

The plot of the game is set in the Middle Ages. Your task is, depending on the game mode, sinking enemy ships (single player mode) or destroying your opponent's castle (in two player mode).

Regardless of the game mode chosen, the game is divided into two phases - the Combat Phase phase and the Repair Phase phase. Before starting the fight, we have to choose a house lock and place works inside the walls surrounding it. After completing all the actions, the combat phase follows - by controlling the joystick or mouse, select the target and shoot. After the end of the battle phase, we can fix the castle walls and place additional works.

Rampart, despite its simplicity, draws in for hours. We especially recommend the mode for two players :)

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Pseudo 2022-04-08
How to run the PC version on Windows 10 or newer? Or should I just use an emulator and another version?