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Description of PROJECT X

Project X, arcade game, released in 1992 by Team 17. The game was created for the Amiga. In 1994, a conversion was made for PCs.

The object of the game is to destroy the planet Ryxx. Why? On the planet Ryxx, mad scientists have created bionic forms of life that endanger humanity. Your goal is to prevent this. Nothing special - you just have to fly and destroy a planet.
Before you go for a mission - you can choose your space ship. You have the choice of three vehicles, each with different details, such as resistance to enemy missiles, speed, etc. During the game you collect the so-called 'Power-up', thanks to them you can use the add-ons during the game. And they are: speed (by chilas fly faster), cannon (stronger version of the standard plot), Build Up (mega destroying lightning - not available with Autofire ON option), Sideshots (shoots at the sides at once), Plasma, missiles controlled lasers), Lazer (powerful laser), Magma and Shield.

Project X, is a game that has been refined in terms of graphics and sound. Action and level of difficulty is quite high. Only four levels are available in the game, but entertainment is provided for several hours. Another plus is that we can play in 2 player mode. Do you like arcade games? You need to play Project X.

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