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Publisher: Microprose

Developer: Sid Meier

Year: 1987

Genre: simulator adventure




Pirates !, a simulation game (adventure) released in 1987 by Microprose. Original game appeared on Commodore C64 home computers. After the success of the title, the game was released on Atari ST, Amiga and PC personal computers.
The game is a simulation of pirate life. The game is played in the XVI, XVII and XVIII-century Caribbean (the game reflects the historical realities). In Pirates, the player could join one of the colonial powers: England, Spain, Holland or France.
We start with the command of the ship (after the rebellion of the crew). The game will take place on the high seas, in ports (where the player will recruit crew, talk to the governor, trade, etc). Pirates, it is primarily the sea battles in which we are going to win the ships.


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