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Description of RESIDENT EVIL 3

Resident Evil 3 (other titles Biohazard 3: Last Escape), is an adventure game (survival horror) released in 1999 by CapCom. The game was released for PCs (Windows) and PlayStation, Dreamcats and GameCube consoles.

This is the third part of the Resident Evil series. Events presented in it take place both before and after the events of Resident Evil 2. The main character of the game is Jill Valentine, trying to escape from Raccoon City, whose majority of residents under the influence of the spreading virus epidemic created by the Umbrella Corporation has been turned into zombies.


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Claus 2022-08-02
Nice one!

Random 2021-09-12
For anyone those who are having problems with cutscenes and soundtrack try using dgvoodoo2 its an application that emulates old games to modern pc

Lord Slug 2021-01-11
There are no cutscenes and few of the soundtracks are not playing. Anyone have ideas?

Doranor 2020-12-05
Is it possible to get the cutscenes working? Have tried installing codecs, and a couple of other options to no avail.

drako 2020-10-27
rename the file and add .iso then extract it.
there should be "Resident Evil 3" folder. that way work on me.
thanks and good job!

CyrusghostsRE3 2020-06-26
Oh and whoever said the controls are messed up is as wrong as can be. Stock Retail NTSC US CD-ROM controls. The way God intended. PLEASE NEVER TAKE THIS DOWN!

Kyojinsei 2020-06-24
Is there a way to make it playable via controller?

Keen 2020-06-07
Cant convert the zip file to an iso. Assuming if I did i would be able to increase the resolution so I can read the words in the menus.

David Thai 2020-06-02
Do you have the original files from a cd rom to pc version without any modifications like special costumes? I appreciate all the extra stuffs in there, but I cannot save a game after it is completed.

Scottie Beam 2020-05-30
@NEMESIS What is the name of the file that we need to edit to mount the game? I was able to launch it through ResidentEvil3.exe but the controls are messed up.

George 2020-05-16
So happy with this. Thanks!

Vassilis 2020-04-18
Great download, it works

But how do i make the cutscenes play?

NEMESIS 2020-04-05
To install this, open WinRAR, navigate to the file, right click>archive>open the new WinRAR file>rename it to RE3.iso, YOU HAVE TO PUT ".iso" at the end of it, this will change it to an actual ISO, that can be mounted and ran, this particular version can be ran without installing it, there is an .exe in there just run it and the game will start.

siriusaction 2020-03-25
When I open the setup file, there is a message "Will only run with Win95"

carl 2020-03-10
open with WinRAR. then run the setup file.

Bruh 2020-01-20
How do you set it up

Axxxel 2020-01-15
What software do you need to run this file?

Everton 2019-10-08
Muito Obrigado, gostaria da ISO original do jogo igual do R.E 2!

argie s duatin 2019-09-01
the game is excellent

Mic 2019-08-08
It was the pc version I played and enjoyed. Without ps2 or ps1 I could feel the console... Thank you.

thehardcoreicon 2019-04-29
really want to play

Abdullah awadh 2019-03-27
Thank you very much