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Publisher: Flair Software

Developer: Flair Software

Year: 1993

Genre: platform arcade




Oscar, a platform-arcade game released in 1993 by Flair Software. The game was released for Amiga PC, PC and Amiga CD32 and SNES.
We play a character named - and there will be no surprise - Oscar. Your goal is to find the title film awards - here too will be rather surprised - Oscar. We will look for prizes in movie plans, such as the Jurassic Plan, the Wild West, the Horror, and others. A total of seven different levels (film plans). It's a simple task, but keep in mind that there are many dangers on your movie plans. For every movie plan, they lead the door - just like James Pond.
Oscar is a game with very nice graphics and well-matched music. A game for all who have previously met the titles James Pond or Zool.


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