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Publisher: Black Bean Games

Developer: Milestone s.r.l.

Year: 2006

Genre: racing




Evolution GT (other titles Corvette Evolution GT) is a racing game released in 2006 by Black Bean Games. The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation.
Evolution GT is a classic racing game that focuses on an arcade driving model and the possibility of developing your character known from classic cRPG games. During the game, the player takes on the role of an amateur driver who climbs the next rungs of the sports ladder. It is up to the user to shape his character in terms of his preferred driving style, technique and mental skills. The introduction of this mechanism allowed the creators to significantly diversify the game.
Evolution GT gives you the opportunity to race on as many as 28 different race tracks. The locations available to players include the German Hockenheim track, known to all motorsport fans, and the American Laguna Seca. What's more, the creators also transferred nearly 35 real-world vehicles to the game world. The players were given such top models of supercars as the Bugatti EB 110 or Pagani Zonda. There is also space for off-road vehicles in the game.


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