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Description of MORPH

Morph, an arcade game with puzzle elements released in 1993 by Millenium. The game was created for Amiga computers.

Professor Krankenpot, finally invented a teleportation machine after long and hard years. The day of the test came, the professor invited his nephew Morris to the show. Morris, for Morph's friends, is a standout boy, but he's kind and likes to experiment with his uncle, so he came to the show with joy. The day was stormy. In the lab, Krankenpot and Morris, experiment the experiment. The storm was taking over. The professor turns on the teleportation machine, but as with his nephews, Morris is standing where Eric should be. Too late ... the machine breaks down into a million pieces (maybe less) and Morph disappears.

And you are the Morph. Through the experiments of the uncle, now you are hmmm ... ball, cloud, steel ball or maybe a ball of water? Yes, you are all this. You can be a cloud when you need it, steel ball at other times. So you have to choose your shape to move on to the next level. Your task is to find parts of the teleportation machine so your uncle can fix it.

Playing at first glance does not look impressive. But with every moment spent playing Morph - it can be said that he is pulling. Graphically not impressed, a playful nature makes up for it.

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