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Description of HARPOON

Harpoon, a strategic game released in 1989 by Three-Sixty Pacific for PC and Macintosh. A year later a version for Amiga released by PSS appeared.

Harpoon, is a realistic strategy of warfare at sea and in the air. The player can choose a red or blue conflict. Each side of the conflict has unique units, differing among others. weapons. In the game the authors have several action theaters and missions starting from short (temporary) and uncomplicated to large water-air battles.

Harpoon, this game is for fans of the genre. The authors did not include in the game almost all the sounds, the garment cut to a minimum for this playability is above average. The advantage of the game is the very extensive database of ships (including underwater) and aircraft

Install notes: The Amiga version includes three sets of action theaters: North Atlantic Convoys, The Mediterranean Conflict and The Indian Ocean.

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