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Publisher: Renegade Software

Developer: Terramarque

Year: 1994

Genre: arcade




Elfmania, an arcade game (brawl) released in 1994 by Renegade Software. The game was released for Amiga computers.
Storyline set in the fantasy world. We play one of a dozen warriors (elves). Your goal is to win in each fight (no other is specified).
Elfamania is a typical representative of arcade games - fighting. What distinguishes it from other games of this type - characters are not assigned any special yew (so-called combo). During the fight we earn coins, thanks to which we can buy (rent) a stronger warrior.
In terms of audiovisual, the game presents the highest Amiga standards. We recommend, especially to the fans of arcade games. The authors have not forgotten about the game for two people, which significantly increases the attractiveness of the game.


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