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Description of DEATH RALLY

Death Rally, a racing game released in 1996 by 3D Realms. The game was created for PCs.

In this game you participate in a deadly car race (a kind of underground). You start with $ 495 and a Volkswagen Beetle Car. There are three levels of difficulty in Death Rally, and you can choose whether you want to use weapons. We strongly recommend the game with the use of parcels and mines, greatly diversify the game. The game continues until you get first place in the table (20 players) and defeat the undisputed Death Rally leader Adversary. Starting the game you can sign up for the lowest races, over time you will be able to enroll in higher classes. After winning the race you get a financial reward and you can improve your vehicle. In the garage you have the option to purchase additional covers, better tires, suspension and car repair. In the game of using weapons, you will be able to shop in the "underground" where you buy, among other things. Mickey or sabotage.

There are various bonuses on the way. One of them is a toadstool - better to avoid! Besides the exception, the rest of the bonus works in plus, for example, repair while driving, money in the dirt, or supplementing the naop in the parcel.

The game is still playing for years. The fact that in 2009 the company decided to refresh the game and released it in the freeware version is unmatched popularity. You can download the game in the original version as well as this refreshed.

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Version for Windows & nbsp; version 2009 & nbsp;


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