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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Delphine Software International

Year: 1999

Genre: rpg





Darkstone is an RPG released in 1999 by Electronic Arts (EU). The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation consoles.
Lord Draak, who has the power to change into a dragon, regained his former strength and returned with his servants to the world of Uma, carrying death and chaos. Players must find Draak and kill him in battle. Along the way, they need to locate seven crystals and use them to recreate the sphere of time, without which Lord Draak will not be defeated.
Encouraging crystals are: purple - Crystal of Wisdom, red - Virtue Crystal, blue - Crystal of courage, yellow - Crystal of Nobility, turquoise - Crystal of Compassion, green - Crystal Reliability and gray - Crystal of Strength. Crystals must be delivered to the hermit Sebastian, who alone is able to combine them and create a crystal ball of time.
In the PC version, city residents will ask the player to perform optional tasks in exchange for money.


Why can`t I download the game? Buy a game for PC means that the game is no longer abandonware. You can buy the game at an affordable price on one of the game distribution platforms, eg GOG / Steam / Origin. By clicking on Buy game for PC, you will be redirected to one of the mentioned platforms.

The game on our site is a RIP version. Extract the game and run darkstone.reg (entries will be added to the registry). Then start the game.

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