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Publisher: Mirage

Developer: Twin Spark Soft

Year: 1995

Genre: arcade platform




Atlantis, arcade game released in 1995 by Mirage Media. The game was released for Amiga computers.
The plot of the game is not too complicated. In the game we play a "pure hearted" in golden armor, whose task is to find all the diamonds in the castle of evil power. Diamonds protect you from the forces of the evil wizard who wants to destroy the title of happiness - Atlantis.
In the game we will be swirling through the intricate corridors of the castle, where flying monsters or hostile guards will lurk around every corner. We need to remember the keys, without which we will not open another door.
Atlantis is a typical representative of arcade games that came out for the Amiga computer. What distinguishes it in the jungle of this type of position is the origin. The game was designed and released in Poland. Another bonus, what we liked was the animation of the main character.


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