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Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: Psygnosis Limited

Year: 1997

Genre: action shooter fps




Codename: Tenka (other titles: Lifeforce Tenka) is an action game released in 1997 by Psygnosis LImited. The game was released for PC (DOS) and PlayStation.
Codename: Tenka is a game set in the 21st century. The earth was almost completely destroyed by the ongoing wars and environmental problems. Only a few managed to survive. They move to one of the Extrevius328 colonies. They hope to start a new and better life on it.
The player takes on the role of the main character of the soldier Joseph B. Tenka. He is the only one who notices the worse sides of the rut. It was there that he was to be appointed super-soldier of the so-called Bionoida. He opposes it, trying to escape from there. Playing the role of the above-mentioned hero, the player has to find a way out of the labyrinth of corridors located in the research complex on Extrevius 328. The character has one weapon to defend, but its multitasking makes it more effective. In addition to ordinary projectiles, the player can also use grenades, lasers, mines or rockets. The weapon also serves as a relay of information.
Codename: Tenka consists of several dozen levels. From time to time, there are also short films telling the story of the main character. During the game, the participant has to collect keys and data, which he then has to install in the right place, eliminate targets and defuse bombs. Of course, the opponent of the participant is inevitably passing time.


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