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Publisher: THQ

Developer: Anchor, Inc.

Year: 2002

Genre: sports fighting




WWE Raw (or WWF Raw) is a sports game released in 2002 by THQ. The game was released for PC (Windows) and XBox.
WWE Raw is a sports game that presents wrestling matches played by professional wrestlers. The player can play the role of a powerful, "modern gladiator" and climb to the top of WWE rankings by fighting in the ring (and sometimes outside it). Strength, agility and reflexes are key, but the latter determines the way we use them. Each of the 35 true wrestlers in WWE Raw has their own unique fighting style, clothing, finishers, and different physical abilities. Players can choose one or create their own.
The game offers fully three-dimensional graphics. The fight takes place in over 10 arenas, and all fights are broadcast on TV (lots of cutscenes, fireworks, special effects, replays of the best hits, etc.). The mechanics of the game have been created from scratch for the needs of the game.
WWE Raw allows you to fight several types of fights, such as Royal Rumbe and King of the Ring, with up to six fighters in the ring. There is also a multiplayer mode for up to four players simultaneously.


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