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Publisher: Interplay Productions

Developer: Quicksilver Software

Year: 1991

Genre: strategy




Castles, a strategic game released in 1991 by Interplay Productions. The game was released on Amiga, Atari ST and PC personal computers.
The game is set in the medieval realms of England, Wales. Your task is to build castles and gain new territories (conquest). In the game you can build a castle. The construction of each castle starts with the project, the player sets the walls, the watchtower and other elements. After design, you want to hire employees who will build your designed lock. Remember to hire the right amount of carpenters, stonemasons, etc., as the construction time may be longer.
Castles, of course, are not just building castles. It's also a storyline, you have influence on the bark. During the game you will have to decide, negotiate and sign treaties.
Game for strategy and game fans such as Defender of the Crown.


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