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Publisher: Interplay Productions

Developer: Stainless Software Ltd.

Year: 1997

Genre: racing





Carmageddon, a racing game released in 1997 by Interplay and SCI. The game was originally released for PC, later also for Macintosh and PlayStation, Nintendo 64.
Storyline inspired by the movie "Death Race 2000". We play the driver of a futuristic vehicle and take part in illegal races. The races take place in various locations such as the streets of the city, the mine or the factory. Our task is to finish the race in a strictly defined time. Of course, during the rally, we can gain additional time by, for example, destroying a rival's car or diverting passersby.
The race can be completed in three different ways - getting to the finish line first (after a race), destroying all competitors cars or driving all passersby on a given level.
Carmageddon, despite many controversies, has gained a lot of popularity (it's a shame to publish some parts and add-ons later).


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