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Publisher: Core Design

Developer: Core Design Ltd.

Year: 1993

Genre: arcade puzzle




The Blob game available on the Amiga platform was released in 1993 by Core Design Ltd. The game is played on tiles floating in space at various levels. The player controlling the title character must move it in such a way that it matches the top tile. Along the way, you have to collect objects that appear or save creatures similar to the main character, known as Bloblettes.
The player has 50 worlds to pass, each of which requires either completion, i.e. reaching the top level of the tiles, or collecting the appropriate number of items placed on the board. Another obstacle are the tiles that prevent Blob's standard moves. Some of them will allow you to reflect the figure like a springboard, others, in turn, covered with ice, slow down its movements. Don't let Blob fall. The character can be badly injured and even die.


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