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Description of ANOTHER WAR

The Third Reich is again trying to create a technologically advanced weapon that aims to tip the scales of victory on the side of Germany and its allies. The main character finds himself in the center of confusion, he comes to France to visit his friend Pierr. Pierr provides rudimentary information about the secret book, but after a while they are both arrested by the Gestapo. Our hero has to escape from a castle full of dungeons, then find a broken truck, repair it and run away quickly. It is not known where the book is, we have the last words of Pierr, in which important information for the course of the plot is encrypted. Many journeys and fights await us with the German soldiers standing in our way through a war-torn Europe. Our hero is a full-blooded adventurer and adventurer who wages his private war. The game is full of bindings to movies such as "Indiana Jones" and "Saving Private Ryan". The end of the journey and the gathering of information is the besieged and destroyed Leningrad. There, the protagonist gets to know a secret project, which turns out to be created with the cooperation of German and Soviet engineers. You can choose 3 different heroes: Strongman, Intelligent and Thief. The game is full of puzzles and each character solves them in a different way. The minimum game time is about 50 hours. We learn how to use weapons and gather experience, thanks to which we can move on to the next event. On our way we meet friends and enemies and the whole journey leads us towards Leningrad.

Install notes: On Windows 7+ systems, after installing the game, copy the files from the fix directory to the installation location. If you don't, your computer will most likely restart after starting the game.

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