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Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: Efecto Caos S.L.

Year: 2000

Genre: racing




Beetle Buggin' (other titles: Beetle Crazy Cup) is a racing game released in 2000 by Infogrames. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Beetle Buggin' is a racing game in which the player has the opportunity to drive the iconic VW Beetle. You can choose from seventeen accurately reproduced vehicle models, confirmed by a license from the VW manufacturer. There are over 20 routes available in the game, differing in difficulty and road conditions. In addition, there are as many as 5 types of races: including Jump with boosters that defeat the laws of gravity and Monster with bouncing against each other, converted vehicles with huge wheels. You can also race across sandy beaches in Buggy Mode, or go for lightning speed off-road in Cross Mode. In addition, thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence, no race is boring - drivers handle vehicles differently every time. There are also three game modes in Beetle Buggin': Quick Race, Championship and Beetle Challenge, with different racing rules. Two people can play on a single computer at the same time, and in multiplayer mode it is possible to play for six people.


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