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Description of AGE OF EMPIRES

Age of Empires, a real time strategy game (rts) released in 1997 by Microsoft. Original game was released for PC. In 1999, a version of the game for Macintosh was released.

The goal of the game is to swing your chosen nation from the Stone Age to the mighty civilization of the Iron Age. We start with only a few villagers. To ensure victory we must take care of the resources ie tree, food, stones or gold. Each of these resources is necessary for development, eg without a tree you will not build new buildings and no food - you will not increase the population.

There are four epochs: stone, neolith, bronze and iron. To advance to the next, we must have the right amount of resources. Every era is the discovery of more buildings and weapons and technology.

Age of Empires offers several predefined scenarios and the ability to generate random. In addition, we can play in multiplayer mode. The game is sure to appeal to fans of the Warcraft, Dune and Civilization series.

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frank 2020-09-16
best game

dsder 2019-11-20
missed a lot

Ariel 2019-09-14
Que juegazo, las horas que pase de mi vida jugando. Gran recuerdo.