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Description of ZOMBIE

Zombie, an arcade-platform game released in 1994 by L.K. Avalon. The game was released for Amiga computers.

Long ago, pyramids were built in the days of Pharaoh Remazus. They served different purposes - some were supposed to be tombs, another testimony to the power of the rulers, at the command of which they were erected. And one of them was to be the first nuclear reactor. The work was performed by the priests of god Atoooma Re, who jealously guarded their knowledge and great secrets. When all the pyramids were completed, strange things started happening inside her. Scaffolding, movable platforms and observation posts were erected. When the reactor's day came, priests dressed in fantastic colored robes rode prayers to their deity and shifted the lever ...

An upset pharaoh deprived the main Tutankhaman priest of further subsidies for research and head. The works are completed and the pyramid is walled. Unfortunately, someone had forgotten about Chace, responsible for installation at the lowest level, and the poor fitter was trapped in an unfriendly company. Everywhere the mutated spiders, rats and other nice animals have been smothered.

So began the way Chakras to freedom.

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